Your Library Card


Library Cards are to be issued to all borrowers desiring full use of the library.  Full use is defined as the privilege of using library materials within the library building, obtaining information with the help of the library staff, and checking library materials for use outside the building itself.  A library patron must have a library card to check out materials, but may use the library for study purposes without a card.

To obtain a library card from the Taylorville Public Library, prospective borrowers must fill out a written application.  A card will then be issued allowing them to check materials out of the library.

The application should be filled out completely with correct information concerning the patron's name and residence.  Proof of current address is required.  All applicants must list a reference on their applications. This should be the name of a person who knows them and who lives in Taylorville.

Children may obtain a library card for the first time at the end of kindergarten.  Applications for children up to the age of eighteen (18) must have their applications signed by a parent or guardian before they are issued cards.

All library patrons must present their cards to check materials out of the library.  Patrons must always use their own cards for this purpose and are encouraged not to lend their cards to others for check out purposes.

A patron may not be issued a new card if there are outstanding fines over the amount of five (5) dollars or have books still out on the lost card.


Residents of the City of Taylorville may obtain a library card without charge.  If the first card is lost, a $3.00 replacement fee is charged before a new card is issued.

A resident borrower is defined as any person living within the city limits of Taylorville, Illinois, as established by the municipal authority, or one who owns real estate within the city limits of Taylorville.

Cards will expire at three (3) year intervals.

Overdue Accounts:

When a patron owes $15.00 or more in unreturned materials, or $5.00 or more in fines, or has materials overdue, he/she is prohibited from borrowing additional materials from the library.  If items are 60 days overdue and the total is $50.00 or more, patrons will be turned over to the Credit Bureau of Taylorville for collection.


Non-residents of the library are those patrons not living within the city limits of Taylorville, or otherwise contributing to the municipal tax base of that city.  Non-resident patrons wishing to check out materials may obtain a family card by paying the annual fee established by the Board of Directors.  The fee for such a card is $50.00 annually.  Non-resident cards expire after one year.   

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